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Slot machines

Every casino - including online casinos - offers the classic among games: slot machines. Thanks to the simple way they work, they are still among the most popular online games. Simply pull the lever and hope for three identical flashing symbols. Fun is guaranteed! 

Try your luck now at 7Melons.ch! We offer a wide variety of online slots. You can choose your favourite slot from a variety of slot machines. No matter if you want to dive into another world or just chase three cherries; from the gaming experience in ancient Egypt to the classic fruit collecting, you will find something for every taste at 7Melons.ch.

How do slot machines work? 

You have never played a slot machine before? No problem: At 7Melons.ch there is a large selection and everyone will find a slot machine to their taste. Simply select a slot and start playing. Thanks to the demo mode, you can try out various slot machines for free. This allows you to learn in advance and understand how the game works. Free of charge and without registration.  

In the next step, you simply create an account at 7Melons.ch and you are ready to bet real money on your slots. This also gives you the chance to win real money on our slot games.  

These are the basic rules of slot machines 

The fun lies in the simplicity, because the basic rules of online slot machines are simple and clear: determine the number of paylines and set your stake. With each additional payline, the stake increases, but the possible winnings also increase steadily.  

After that, the game is very simple: While in casinos the well-known one-armed bandit is set in motion with the lever, in the online casino a click on the "Spin" button is enough. Small action - big effect: The reels of the slot machine are set rolling and the suspense increases as to which symbols will stop at the end. The winning patterns of the slots are as broad as the selection of machines themselves. The amount of winnings and the frequency of payouts differ. Consult the game instructions in advance and work out your personal winning strategy.  

When choosing a slot, don't just be guided by the flashing symbols. Your decision should be based, among other things, on which payout structure you favour. Some of the slot games pay out winnings less often, but offer lucrative sums in their jackpots. In other slots, the probability of winning is much higher, but the prize amount is correspondingly lower.  

Each slot machine specifies contributions that can be wagered per game. As long as you stay within these minimum and maximum amounts, you are absolutely free to decide how much you want to bet per spin.  

Play slots now at 7Melons.ch - for free or for real money 

You have now acquired the necessary knowledge about slot machines; the basic terms about slot machines, how to play slots and what to consider when choosing a suitable machine. Now it continues: Create an account at 7Melons.ch for free and use your learned knowledge. In demo mode, you have the opportunity to test your winning strategy completely free of charge. After these first slot attempts, you can bet real money and challenge your luck. Most important basic rule: The fun of playing slot machines should always come first! 

With slot games, you always challenge your luck. Because - whether online or offline - in every slot machine there is a random generator that determines whether a win is in the offing or not. Safe strategies that lead to a win do not exist.  

Play Slot Machines Online 

Admittedly, we can't offer you the flashing casino atmosphere and the champagne at the next jackpot. And yet there are decisive advantages to playing slot machines online. The experience at the slots is almost identical and the colourful fantasy worlds of the machines online hardly differ from the machines in the casino. What's more, your favourite slot machine is always free, so there's no need to queue and wait. You can also save yourself a trip to the casino. No matter whether you play at home on the couch, sit with friends in the garden or challenge your luck on the way to work: The games of 7Melons.ch are accessible from anywhere, desktop and mobile.  

The slot games on 7Melons.ch are reputable, transparent and safe 

Sometimes casino games have a bad reputation. Not so with us! 7Melons.ch is an online casino that is licensed in Switzerland. The casino and the entire offer (games and slot machines) therefore meet the highest standards in terms of security. Various control bodies regularly check these standards. So you don't need to worry and can only enjoy the gaming fun as long as you are registered in a legal Swiss online casino like 7Melons.ch. Please also note our guidelines on responsible gaming.  

You are now ready for the colourful, flashing world of slot machines! Try your luck at 7Melons.ch and play your way through the wide range of slot machines. Enjoy your time with us - we're keeping our fingers crossed for you!