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Live Casino - Live dealers and real casino atmosphere 

You want to really experience the casino ambience? You want to feel the thrill? Challenge your luck? And all without leaving your own four walls? No problem! Welcome to the Live Casino at 7Melons.ch.  

If online slots are too impersonal for you and you still feel like putting all your eggs in one basket, then the Live Casino is just your thing. We offer you a wide selection of games that take place live and are run by experienced dealers. Join us now for Live Blackjack or Live Baccarat!

Your live experience with real dealers 

In Switzerland and worldwide, live casino games are among the absolute favourites in online casinos. No wonder - with the latest technology, the games take place in real time and you feel the casino feeling in your whole body. A real dealer sits opposite you, shuffling and dealing the cards live or spinning the wheel at roulette. With the combination of the fun of the past and the technology of today, many games can be enjoyed in real time; Live Black Jack, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette or also various Live Poker variants.  

What is the difference between live casino games and other online casino games? 

While online casino games can be started, played and finished on their own, live games take place in real time. This means that classics such as Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat are broadcast directly from a studio. The main difference between online casino games and live casino games is time: Most online casino games, for example roulette or blackjack, are played without time limits. So you can take as much time as you want to make your next move. At the live casino, however, many players participate in real time, which is why there is a countdown that shows how long they have left to place their bets. After that, the live dealer continues the game. From this point on, it is no longer possible to place bets in Live Blackjack, Live Roulette or Live Baccarat. This time pressure means that you should already be sure of your strategies. Beginners are therefore advised to practice and test strategies in online casino games. Afterwards, the thrill can be increased with a live game.  

What is the difference between playing live casino games and visiting a casino? 

7Melons.ch brings the casino atmosphere to your home! But it's not just the atmosphere that makes the difference. Live games in an online casino offer so many advantages compared to games in a casino open to the public. The games in traditional casinos require a lot of physical space so that all guests feel comfortable. The live games of online casinos just need one table with the necessary technology and thus already allow unlimited gaming pleasure for countless players. Whether live roulette, live baccarat or live blackjack - all players get their money's worth, even from home.  

Since physical space is not a prerequisite, a wide variety of games can be offered. So there is something for every taste and the Swiss Live Casino offer also includes exotic games such as wheel of fortune and live shows, which are hardly ever offered in a casino open to the public. So stay at home and still enjoy real casino atmosphere and all the advantages of the Swiss Live Casino offer.  

Live games - All advantages at a glance  

Do you miss the casino ambience at home within your own four walls? We can understand that. Casino games offered live are designed precisely for people like you. Especially players who have already gained experience in online casinos are perfectly suited for live games. The reason is that they are already well acquainted with the course of the game and the time pressure is not a problem for them. So if you're looking for a new challenge after playing online casino games, check out 7Melons.ch' live games. Quick bets, real dealers and a large number of fellow players are waiting for you! 


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. This is not different in the online casinos in Switzerland. If you look around the live casino games, you will see many live roulette games in many different variations. These may be different rules, but it may also be that the only difference are the betting limits. Different rules apply to European and American Live Roulette, for example. In the online casino you will also find Live and Online Roulette variants, which you normally do not find in land based casinos in Switzerland.


Blackjack also has different variations, which are differentiated by different rules. These different versions can also be found in the Live Blackjack variations in the online casino. So before you start playing, make sure you are familiar with the rules of each Live Blackjack version. More information about the Blackjack rules. Furthermore, like roulette, live blackjack games differ in their betting limits, so you're sure to find a game to suit your budget.


Baccarat games are often played in casinos and therefore belong in a good casino. Live Baccarat games are very popular because they are relatively easy to learn. Live Baccarat can also have different variations and betting limits. Find out about the rules and limits in advance so that you can enjoy your game to the full. If you are well informed about the Baccarat rules, you can make the best decision in Live Baccarat in every aspect and will certainly find a game that suits your betting level


In the online casino you will often find different live poker variants. The main difference to conventional poker is that in live poker you do not play against several opponents, but only against a croupier. These versions of the game, especially for poker beginners are advantageous, as these are often simplified. Newcomers to poker can first familiarize themselves in a live poker game with the rules of the game and learn them through play. This way you will be optimally prepared for your first poker tournament.


At Live Casino you will also find many live games that do not fall into any of the above categories. Very popular are live wheels of fortune, which work just as you already know. You place your bet on a particular color and when the wheel stops on that color, you get your money back in multiples. These games are easy to understand and therefore well suited for casino beginners. The colored wheel of fortune will always put you in a good mood, whether you are a beginner or an advanced casino visitor!


One game that you will look in vain in the live casino is the slot machines. These games do not belong to the category of live games, as they are not operated by a croupier. Slots are also automated in a terrestrial casino and are therefore already very similar online and offline. It would therefore offer no added value for the player to offer slots as live games.

Online casino with live dealers and a large range of games 

Live roulette, live blackjack, live poker variants, wheels of fortune and many more exciting games - the offer at the online casino in Switzerland is almost unlimited. Real dealers welcome you to their game and nothing stands in the way of an exciting gaming time!

Live Roulette variants 

In the casinos of this world, one classic is still one of the favourites; roulette. It is clear that this is no different in the Swiss online casino. At 7Melons.ch you will find many versions of live roulette games. There are differences in the betting limits. Depending on the version, there are also different rules, for example, for European and American live roulette. The online casino gives you access to live and online roulette variants that you will not find in other Swiss casinos.  

Live Black Jack variants

The online casino also offers a wide variety of blackjack games, because not all blackjack is the same. It is therefore all the more important that you familiarise yourself with the respective rules before you start playing live blackjack. Here you will find all the information about the blackjack rules. Another difference that exists in the blackjack variants is the betting limits (exactly the same as in roulette). So choose the game according to your budget to avoid disappointment. 

Live Baccarat variants

What would an online casino be without one of the most played classics in the casino world: Baccarat. Live Baccarat games are so popular with players partly because it is not at all difficult to learn. Make sure you know the rules and limits of this game beforehand. With a little research and experience, you'll quickly be at the point where you can make optimal decisions in Live Baccarat. This way, you can jump right into a game at your betting level and enjoy your time to the fullest. 

Live Poker variants

Are you interested in poker tournaments? You want to prove your poker face in a big round? Then the live poker variants in the online casino are the ideal place to start. In live poker games you don't have to compete against several opponents, but only play against the croupier. This is often a perfect practice situation, especially for poker newcomers, as the live poker games are often simplified. So learn the rules playfully before you clean up in your first poker tournament. 

Live wheel of fortune and other live games

The offer in the Live Casino goes far beyond the above-mentioned games and not all of them can be so easily assigned to a category. Ideal for beginners and professionals are, for example, live wheels of fortune. The way it works is clear and easy to understand: bet on a certain colour and if you are lucky, you will receive a multiple of the bet paid out. Not only excitement is guaranteed; the coloured wheels of fortune always provide fun and good humour. 

Are there also live slot machines?

Live slots do not exist in the Live Casino. The machines can already be operated in a casino open to the public without a dealer and croupier. An additional person would not add any value. For this reason, the familiar mode of operation was also adopted for the online version. Slot machines do not belong to the category of live games. 

Conclusion - Live games in Switzerland 

With the Live Casino you can bring varied games, fun and the real casino atmosphere into your home. Real croupiers provide the incomparable thrill in countless games. It is clear that the Live Casino offer is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. However, they are not only authentic, but also suitable for everyone, as Live Roulette and Live Black Jack, for example, work without much explanation or practice.