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Welcome to 7melons.ch Online Casino - The best casino games in Switzerland

Fun and games are guaranteed in our online casino! Slots, blackjack, roulette and other online gambling games will immerse you in the exciting and glittering world of casinos. In the heart of Switzerland - in the capital to be precise - the Grand Casino Bern launched the Swiss online casino 7melons.ch on 15 September 2020. The offer is broad and offers something suitable for every player. In addition to slots, Megaways slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker, there are also various games in the live casino. 

But it's not just the range of games that is impressive at 7melons.ch. Since the opening, we have been constantly expanding the payment methods so that you always experience a great gaming experience in your online casino. There is also another bonus: There are constant promotions in our bonus programme. For example, you will not only receive a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit from us, but also for further deposits. As you can see: Playing at the best online casino in Switzerland is worthwhile!

Responsible gaming - 7melons.ch online casino takes responsibility

Casinos and also online casinos enjoy great popularity among players worldwide. This is no different in Switzerland. In addition to various dubious providers, 7melons.ch, as a Swiss online casino, has taken up the cause of responsible gaming. Please also read our summary "Responsible Gaming" with helpful tips and offers of assistance.  

To protect players, a new gambling law came into force in Switzerland in 2019, to which the online casino 7melons.ch is also subject. With this change in the law, casinos in Switzerland will be allowed to offer their business not only on-site in a casino open to the public, but also in an online casino. The Grand Casino Bern is therefore pleased to be able to offer its gaming services online with 7Melons.ch since 2020. It is important to note that 7Melons.ch is a legal Swiss online casino that has the required licence and is regularly monitored. 

New legislation - 7melons.ch is a reputable online casino with a licence

All Swiss casinos and online casinos in Switzerland need a licence to be able to legally offer their games. The Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) is responsible for these licences and regularly checks whether online casinos comply with the requirements and laws. On the one hand, this includes the casino in general, but also each individual game on offer. Thanks to the corresponding licence from the Swiss Federal Gaming Board, players can be sure at all times that 7melons.ch meets all requirements. The security of our customers and thus also the data protection of our players is our top priority. This is reflected in our games, our software and with corresponding SSL encryption when data is transmitted.

In Switzerland, the requirements for online casinos are high and the laws are strictly interpreted. Therefore, you can be sure that at 7melons.ch all online gambling is truly chance-based and winnings as well as jackpots cannot be manipulated. With the new legislation and the legalisation of Swiss online casinos, foreign online casinos have also been banned. This protects players and counteracts money laundering. So as soon as you play for real money, the currency is always Swiss francs. This applies to deposits and withdrawals.

Online Casino Switzerland - 7melons.ch is the top provider for casino players!

Since 2019, casino fans and Swiss players no longer have to go to a casino open to the public to enjoy fun and games and win big winnings and jackpots. They simply "go" to the best online casino in Switzerland; to 7melons.ch. The practical thing is that anyone and everyone can easily play and win from home. All it takes is a stable internet connection and a mobile phone or computer. It doesn't matter whether it's from the sofa, on the bus or on the balcony. The online casino is open around the clock and there is no need for a tiresome journey. Likewise, there is no need to queue for slot machines, at gaming tables or other gaming machines. Your favourite game is always ready for you. Simply choose from a wide range of games and get started!

The most popular casino games - demo version or big jackpot with real money

At 7melons.ch you experience the real casino experience. However, at online casinos you still have a very special bonus: With us, you can test all games in a demo version. Simply try them out, get to know the rules and develop your own tactics and strategies. Once you have gained enough experience and confidence, it's on to the next prize: real money in Swiss francs.

Are you looking for your best online casino Switzerland? Then test 7melons.ch and let us convince you as an experienced casino provider (Grand Casino Bern) and online casino provider (7melons.ch).

Top Online Casino Games at 7melons.ch

Convince yourself of our offer. As a Swiss online casino, it is our concern to make every one of your visits something very special. Take a look at our extensive programme and we are convinced that there is also the right game for you. Online, uncomplicated and yet with lots of fun.

Here you will find countless slot games and megaways from popular providers such as Red Tiger, Greentube by Novomatic and Evolution Gaming. In addition to slot machines, we also have classic table games. You will find various versions of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker.

A special highlight in our online casino are the offers in the Live Casino. In these live dealer games, everything takes place in real time. A live dealer welcomes you to the table and guides you through the selected game in the usual manner. Despite the internet casino, you can bring the real gaming pleasure home to your own four walls.

Slot Machines - The Classics in the Online Casino

The range of casino slots at 7melons.ch is very large and offers the right experience for every taste. The simple functionality of Slot Machines does not detract from the fun of playing. Simply press the button and cross your fingers. All strategies and tactics are useless in this game of chance. And that is exactly what makes it so exciting.

You decide whether you want to play in ancient Egypt or in the classic chase for the three cherries. If you can't decide or are looking for new inspiration, simply take a look at our "Top Slots" section. There you will find all our current favourites. Or you can browse through our large selection of Megaways slots.

The advantage of online slots is that you never have to stand in line. Your slot is always ready for you - so go to the slot of your choice!

Blackjack - Swiss players love the casino evergreen

Players all over the world keep returning to the blackjack table - whether online or in the casino. The reason is clear; the game is explained quite simply. Get the higher score than the croupier without exceeding the sum of 21. And the jackpot is already yours.

With 7melons.ch, Blackjack comes to you and not unconverted. Thanks to the online casino, you play against fictitious players and competitors. Or, you can choose a live game with a real croupier. The rules remain the same. Simply do the online casino test with a corresponding demo version and then take a seat at the live blackjack table.

Roulette - One of the top games at 7melons.ch

"Faites vos Jeux" in the online casino! There are various forms of roulette with different game shapes and rules. We offer a wide selection at 7melons.ch. So choose your game, place your bet and be excited when the ball dances and it's "Rien ne va plus". Roulette is one of the most popular games in Swiss online casinos and not without reason. The rules are simple and the chances of winning - depending on the game - very lucrative. Another bonus are the exciting live roulette games that await you at Roulette Casino 7melons.ch.

Baccarat - Play now at Online Casino Switzerland

A simple game of chance and probably why it is so popular; Baccarat. Simply bet on the player, the bank or a draw. Even new players will quickly find their way into this game. Please note the different game variations and rules. Every baccarat fan will find his or her favourite version here.

We recommend that you start in the free version and familiarise yourself with the rules. Then move on to the real money games, where you can challenge your luck. At Baccarat the chances of winning are high - definitely a reason to give it a try.

Poker - 007 Casino Royale at your home

At the latest since James Bond cashed in Casino Royale, Swiss players have also discovered the popular classic. Since this hype, players in online casinos have been getting their money's worth again and again.

Unlike the other online casino games, Poker is rather difficult for newcomers because there are various rules and variations. However, once you have got to grips with it, the fun and the possibility of winning money is all the greater.

You will also find various poker variants at 7melons.ch. Simply test tactics online, work out strategies and constantly improve your skills. You'll quickly be ready to sit down at the table with other pros and win the next poker tournament.

Live Casino - Play like visiting a casino

Do you love casino games and like to challenge your luck online? And yet you sometimes miss the feeling of a real casino visit? No problem: Welcome to the best online casino in Switzerland with live games!

A real croupier or live dealer guides you through the game. This way you can experience the unique casino ambience in your own home. You meet the dealer of the game of your choice in a specially equipped studio. As a guest, you take a virtual seat at the table opposite and off you go to Live Casino: The game starts live in front of the camera, the bets are placed and winnings are cleared. Our casino licences also cover the live games and you can always be sure that everything is above board. So enjoy the casino atmosphere online in the comfort of your own home. No matter whether you prefer wheels of fortune, poker, roulette, blackjack or baccarat. At 7melons.ch, there is a game to suit every player.

Deposit at 7melons.ch - Uncomplicated and secure

At 7melons.ch, not only are the online casino games reputable and easy, but also the deposit options. You can easily make your deposit with the following providers: Credit Card, PostFinance Card, PostFinance E-Finance, Bank Transfer, Twint, Aplauz and paysafecard.

Don't forget the Casino bonus: When you make your first deposit, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to 1'007 CHF. 

We always recommend that new players start with a free version and familiarise themselves with the game. The rules of the game and the chances of winning remain the same. Only when you feel confident enough do you move on to real money and big jackpots.

7melons.ch is a casino operator that values security, integrity and responsibility. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our online casino or our slot machines. As a provider of online games, we are always at your disposal.

Welcome to 7melons.ch! We look forward to welcoming you as a customer. No matter whether you are a new player or an experienced professional. We wish you lots of fun and luck with our games in our Swiss online casino!