FAQ free spins, free rounds, free games!

 You like gifts? You love that joyful anticipation before opening them? Well, then you'll just adore the free games at 7melons.ch. We credit the accounts of our most loyal customers with free spins all the time for simple free action. Stay tuned to find out how this works.

What are free spins or free games?

Free games are a gift from 7melons.ch that we make to loyal customers. Free games, free spins or free play are game rounds you don't have to pay for. Long story short: free fun at 7melons.ch Casino!

How do I earn free Spins?

Free Spins are a surprise. So, it's always a good idea to quickly log on and check whether there's a gift waiting for you. Those who are active on 7melons.ch more often have better chances of grabbing some free spins.

What makes free spins at 7melons.ch special?

The great thing about 7melons.ch is that you can take home whatever you win during free spins. No hassle, no playing around, no over-the-top conditions.

What can I win with free spins?

Well: money.

And the best thing about free games on 7melons.ch is that everything you win using your free spins is yours right away! No playing around, no hassle, no nonsense: whatever you win using your free games is yours right away!

Where can I find free spins?

You'll see the free spins available for a certain game in the bonus area of your account on a regular basis.

In order to use said free spins, just go to the slot game you've received free spins for. Your free spins will be available for you right then and there.

Nice to know?

Please note: There's information along with every free spin, so you know what slot you can use it on. This means that you can't always freely choose which slot to use a free spin on.

It's also good to know that free spin swill only be valid for a certain period of time. So, please also check the free spin`s period of validity when having a look through the promotion!

I don't see any free spins. What can I do now?

You can't see free spins? Then something's not quite right. Try this:

  • Make sure to check your account settings in your player profile to receive emails from us to take advantage of free spin offers.
  • Please check your SPAM folder; if you find emails from 7melons.ch in your SPAM folder, please mark our email as SAFE and move the email to your inbox.
  • Ensure that your free spins are still valid (usually, they become invalid after a week).
  • Are you using the right slot? Free spins will only work on the slots mentioned in their description. If you're in the wrong place, it may well be that your free spins look like they're 'gone'.
  • None of the above help? In this case, feel free to reach out (+41 (0)31 539 17 71, [email protected]).

What happens if I don't use free spins?

Nothing at all. In case you don't want to use your free spins, just ignore them. After a while (usually after a week), those free spins will disappear automatically.

 What terms and conditions apply?

Free spins at 7melons.ch are pretty simple most of the time. We love that.

  • The value of a free spin is clearly indicated.
  • What you can also see from the get-go is whether a free spin is only valid for a certain slot.
  • And: Whatever you win is yours straight away! In cash and ready to be withdrawn.