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7 Melons online casino: Slot machines

All casinos, including online casinos, offer the casino game classic: slot machines. Thanks to the fact they’re easy to use, they’re still some of the most popular online games. They can also be played for free in demo mode or by betting real money. Players can pull the lever, or press the start button, and hope they land three identical, flashing symbols. Playing pleasure is guaranteed! 

Online slots: Major online fun

These types of online slots appeal especially to newbies or players who don’t want to rely on skill or their gut feeling. With 7 Melons, players can also get started immediately. New players can take advantage of a Casino Bonus as well. If you’d like to find out more about the Casino Bonus at 7 Melons, visit Home and learn more. Still, the best thing about slots that can be played online is no wait times. Players don’t have to wait for the roulette wheel or dealer, but can just log in and start playing. They can even do it from all over the world. The only requirements for playing at real-money casinos are an Internet connection and a big enough wager. First and foremost, there’s one thing online slots are: easy to use. Each slot uses single rounds. This means that the game can be left after the end of each completed round. However, you can also play any number of rounds in a row. While playing online slots, you can get other things done, which makes them extra appealing. You’ve no doubt seen slots in various places before, or played a slot game at a casino. Not only can you enjoy a beer or catch up with friends in these cases but—well—also play. People who play in online casinos now have even more freedom to do whatever they like while playing.

How slots came into being

Anyone who’s visited a casino, an arcade, or even a bar before has come across them: slots. These big, colorful boxes boasting a massive display can’t be missed. They are adored by visitors and patrons—especially the machines that look around 50 years old and are basically part of the furniture. But where did they come from? To answer this question, we need to go back in time a couple of years: to 1889, to be exact. That’s when the Caille brothers invented what they called the "Black Cat.” It was a one-armed bandit set up for entertainment purposes. It even featured the famous lever back then. By the way, the term "one-armed bandit” comes from the US, where these machines are also called "slot machines.” People accused them of stealing their money, just like bandits. The fact they were putting real money into the machines themselves didn’t matter. One incredibly popular slot machine was the "Liberty Bell” in 1899. This machine was invented by mechanic Charles August Fey and was the first to have a system with three reels. Fey missed out on filing a patent, however, which is why the invention was snapped up by the gambling industry. People were also able to put actual money into this machine. The system evolved over time, and so the once-mechanical slots are now fully electronic. After the player puts in a coin or presses a button, the game round starts. Those looking forward to actually pulling a lever, though, will be disappointed. In physical or real-money casinos, they are mostly only there for nostalgia. So, people playing a slot machine at a casino will not be able to pull the lever. This part was completely omitted when online casinos were introduced. When looking at the design and music in many games, however, we can see it’s been adopted in a different way.

Slot variants

There are also slots that don’t exclusively operate using real money. These can’t be found in real-money casinos, but in bars or arcades. Along with slot machines, there are pinball machines, arcade machines, or mechanical crane games. With pinball machines, it’s all about skill and not real-money wins. In this game, a metal ball is catapulted into a slanted playing surface. Then the player has to prevent the ball from falling all the way down by using levers or buttons. With arcade machines, skill is important; however, they’re primarily electronic games. Additionally, players have to put in real money in order to operate them. You can play to your heart’s desire, thanks to a display, a control panel, joystick, buttons, and a coin slot. Popular games include Mercs and GuitarFreaks. Arcade machines saw their peak in the mid-1980s and captivated children and teenagers alike—much to the displeasure of the parents who had to spend real money on them. And these famous arcades are still around today—primarily in the US. There has also been a number of developments in arcade games. This is why there are sit-in cabinets for racing games, or walk-in or sit-down cabinets for multiplayer or dance games. These sometimes only work when real money is put in. The infamous crane games are especially fun for kids. These machines can above all be found at large shopping malls, fairs, or carnivals. They consist of a large display case, a coin slot, and a joystick. Inside the display case, there is a myriad of stuffed animals. The aim of the game is to grab at least one stuffed animal with the claw and drop it into the designated opening. After putting in a coin, players can control the claw using the joystick. Then it dives into the toys and grabs automatically. Whether the player actually catches a stuffed animal depends on the player’s skill and the machine’s grabbing strength. One of the slot machine’s distant cousins is the vending machine. You can see them at train stations or in front of shopping malls. They also use the same mechanism of slots. Even though there’s no winning in the classic sense but a product being bought, the process is the same: real money is put in, a combination for a certain product is keyed in, and the product is delivered. After the number has been entered, a mechanical process makes the product tumble down automatically into the designated opening.

Real-money games at 7 Melons

Have we awakened your curiosity? Try your luck now in our online casino, 7Melons.ch! We offer a massive range of online slots and other games machines you can play online. You can choose your favorite slot game out of a wide range of casino games. Whether you want to dive into a new world or simply chase three cherries... From a gaming experience in ancient Egypt to classic fruit collecting, at 7Melons.ch there’s something for everyone. Players can either bet real money or play free demo versions. The second variety is recommended for players who don’t have experience with online slots, or those who want to slowly ease themselves into casino games.

How do slot machines work? 

They’re great fun in casinos, but you probably know that already. Maybe you regularly enjoy going to live, real-money casinos. But have you ever played online slots? At 7Melons.ch there’s a massive selection, so each and every player can find slots to match their tastes. Just select a slot game, and the online slot starts on its own. Thanks to the demo mode, you can take several slot machines for a whirl free of charge. This way, you can learn and understand how each game works in advance, for free—no sign-up required. If you have any trouble starting out with online slots, have a look at the "Settings” or "Wins & info” pages via the menu. There you can find all the information you could possibly need about the symbols, rules, and the individual online slots mechanisms.

As a next step, you can simply register an account at 7Melons.ch and you’re set to bet real money in your slots. By doing so, you have the chance of winning real money in our online slot games. Did you know? 7 Melons is an online casino and a so-called real-money casino, which got its name from the fact that players bet real money. Therefore, please always think before making your bets and stick to your limit.

The basic rules of online slots 

The fun is in their simplicity. The basic rules of online slot machines are easy and straightforward. Set the number of paylines and select your wager. Your wager will increase with each additional payline; however, your possible win will also start rising.  

Then the game is pretty straightforward: while one-armed bandits are started with the lever in physical real-money casinos, in online casinos, a single click on the "Spin” button is enough. Small action, big effect: The online slot’s reels are set into action and the excitement builds—which symbols will you land? The variety of winning patterns is just as wide as the choice of online slots. They differ in the win amount and frequency of payouts. Check your real-money casino’s game instructions in advance and prepare your personal winning strategy.  

Don’t just let the flashing symbols influence which slots you select. Among other things, your decision should be based on which payout structure you prefer. Some slot games pay out less often, but offer lucrative jackpot totals. With other slots, the win probability is much higher; however, the amounts are lower.  

Each slot machine has set amounts that can be bet per game. As long as you’re moving between the minimum and the maximum, you’re absolutely free to bet however much you like per slot round. Many of the online slots offered here at 7 Melons also have their advanced deluxe versions. These often come with improved graphics and more paylines or bonus games. So, if you have a favorite, check right away whether there are other versions available. If you can’t find new versions but would love to play them, just reach out to us.

Play slots at 7Melons.ch now – free of charge or with real money 

Maybe you’ve already looked up information about real-money casinos beforehand, and now you know all you need to know about slot machines and understand the basic terms about slots. You also know how to play slots, what to pay attention to, and how to choose a suitable machine. That’s perfect! Then let’s continue: Create a free account with 7Melons.ch and put all the knowledge you’ve acquired to good use. At the same time, you’ll benefit from our Casino Bonus program. You can find this on our "Promotions” page. In demo mode, you also have the chance to test your winning strategy free of charge. After your first couple of slots attempts, you can start betting real money and trying your luck. The most important basic rule is that fun should always be the priority when playing slot machines. 

In slot games, you’re always challenging your luck. This is because—whether online or offline—each slot machine has a random number generator that decides if there’s a win or not. There’s no such thing as a strategy that guarantees a win.  

Play slot machines online 

Admittedly, we can’t give you the flashy casino atmosphere and champagne when you next hit the jackpot. However, playing slot machines online offers decisive advantages. The slots experience is nearly identical, and the colorful fantasy worlds offered with game machines that can be played online hardly differ from machines at casinos. Apart from that, your favorite slot game is always available, so you don’t have to waste your time lining up or waiting like you would in a physical casino. You also save yourself the journey to the real-life casino. No matter if you’re playing at home on the sofa, in the backyard with friends, or trying your luck on the way to work, 7Melons.ch games are available anywhere—desktop or mobile.  

The slots on 7Melons.ch are reputable, transparent, and secure 

Sometimes, casino games have a bad reputation. That’s not true here! 7Melons.ch is an online casino licensed in Switzerland and is a so-called real-money casino. The casino and its entire offering (games and machines) meet the highest security standards. Various supervisory bodies regularly review these standards. So, as long as you’re registered in a legal Swiss online casino like 7Melons.ch, you don’t need to worry and you can just have fun. Please also note our guidelines for Responsible gaming. 

An insight into the world of online casinos 

The history of online casinos only spans around 30 years, but it does pack a punch. The industry started in the 1990s. Back in the day, the Internet was still in its infancy, Internet connections weren’t exactly stable, and it was still rough around the edges and hard to use. During this time, developers were already dealing with the topic of online gambling. How could slots be digitized so that the fun could be accessible to everyone? That’s also the idea behind the invention of the Internet. Each person should be a part of a large network, and, looking at the casino industry, everyone should have the chance to play online in a casino. The first steps towards casino fun were taken in the mid-1990s. At this point, Internet connections were more stable and secure, flat fees were introduced, and data speed was improving. Two of the first countries to legalize online gambling were Antigua and Barbuda. These two Caribbean countries implemented a free trade and processing zone law in 1994, which allowed gambling licenses to be issued. In the same year, software developer Microgaming launched the first gambling games online. Two years later, there were 16 providers offering casino fun on the Internet. In 1997, this number reached 200. Ever since then, this world has been constantly developed, expanded, and improved, turning into a multi-million industry. In 2010, there were 860 online casinos, most of which were based in Canada or the United Kingdom. And what about Switzerland?

Slot games and online casinos in Switzerland

On January 1, 2019, a new gambling law, decided on through a referendum, came into force. Among other things, this determined that casinos can now offer online casinos. These are subject to the strictest of regulations. So, players have to expect checks earlier. This is simply due to the fact that the Internet works much more anonymously than a physical visit in a casino. In Switzerland, 7 Melons is a certified online casino which is legally allowed to operate.

You are now ready for the colorful, flashy world of slot machines! Try your luck at 7Melons.ch and play your way through our massive range of slots. Enjoy your time with us. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you! 



What slots pay out the most?

One of the best-paying slots is Mega Joker. It boasts an RTP of 95.05%. The slot game Book of Ra Temple of Gold also pays out very well with an RTP of 95.28%. You can find more games on 7 Melons.

What are the most popular slots?

Thanks to their simple gameplay, appealing design, and fun factor, Book of Ra, Lady’s Charm Deluxe, and Super Cherry 5000, for example, are very popular among players.

What options are there for playing in a casino online?

Basically, anyone and everyone can set up an account with 7 Melons. Like any other type of registration, you will be required to enter basic data. If you’re not yet brave enough to try out real-money games, you can play demo versions. This way, players can get a feeling for the game and its mechanism. A Casino Bonus also awaits players on the site.

What are progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are jackpots which increase each time a game round doesn’t result in a win. When a player either plays an online slot machine or slots in a casino and still hasn’t hit the jackpot after multiple rounds, progressive jackpots are involved. This can also be the case for slots that are played online.

What else can I play on 7 Melons?

On 7 Melons, you can find a large collection of popular slot games. Players can play different variants of the popular series Book of Ra or Super Cherry. For those who want to dive into the depths of the ocean, there’s Dolphin’s Pearl. They can also scour dark mines for gold in the Gold Digger slot game, while they can get closer to the Nordic gods in Valhalla. There’s something for everybody. And more is added each week!