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Baccarat - The game of chance between croupier, banquier and pointeure

Baccarat (often also baccarat or baccarat) is one of the most popular games in casinos worldwide. Besides poker and blackjack, many card players in online casinos choose baccarat to challenge luck and experience the thrill. It is often said that baccarat was already invented in Naples in the sixteenth century. Far more credible, however, is the theory that the game did not emerge until the nineteenth century. Either way, the card game still enjoys great popularity today. Two main variants are known; "Baccara chemin de fer" and "Baccara banque".  

Here is a brief explanation - This is how baccarat works: It is important to know that the tens, jacks, queens and kings have no card value. Aces are assessed with a value of one. The remaining cards have the known card value (6 = 6, for example). Now it gets challenging: The value of a hand defines the right digit of the sum of all cards. What sounds complicated is actually quite simple. If the card value has two digits, the left digit is simply removed. The right digit is then the effective value of the hand. Here is an example: If a 3 and a 9 are laid, this results in a card value of 12. The 1 (the left digit) is removed and the 2 remains as the value. If the value of the hand is between 0 and 5, an additional third card is placed. 

The object of the Baccarat game is simple. You bet on the player, the banker or on a draw (a tie). After the bets are made, the cards are dealt. The party with the highest value wins. 


Play Baccarat now at 7 Melons online casino

In Swiss online casinos and public casinos, baccarat is offered as a popular game. You want to play baccarat for free? No problem; in addition to lots of tips and information about baccarat, the online casino 7 Melons also offers demo versions where you can dive into the game completely without betting.  

The casino game of Baccarat offers the perfect combination of pastime, fun and the chance to win lots of money easily. There are different variations, all of which have different rules.  

Different variants are offered in so-called baccarat casinos. Every baccarat fan will find his favourite game variant with his preferred rules. But besides baccarat, other games are also offered in such casinos, such as live casino games, blackjack, roulette, poker and slots.


How to play Baccarat at an online casino

In baccarat casinos, it is often possible to play baccarat without wagering real money. That is, free of charge. Of course, no winnings are paid out in this way. There is basically no difference between Baccarat in casinos open to the public and in online casinos. The only advantage of online Baccarat is that you can access the game via mobile or computer from your own four walls without having to leave the house.


Switzerland's new gambling law - impact on online baccarat 

With the entry into force of the new gambling law in Switzerland, casinos open to the public are also allowed to offer online casinos as an extension of their range of services. For this reason, there is now 7 Melons as an addition to the Grand Casino Bern. Here you have the same chance to win and play with real money, easily and comfortably from home.  

Casinos often offer several variants or the same game with different rules. Furthermore, there are often differences in the betting limits. In one game you can play with a stake of five francs, in another there is a minimum stake to participate. Otherwise, the games are always the same. So you will quickly immerse yourself in the world of baccarat and get to know the rules and special features of the game.  

To find the baccarat game that suits you best at 7 Melons, go to the "Search game" search function. Type "Baccarat" into the search box and choose the game that appeals to you the most from the search results returned. If you are already confident with the practices and rules of Baccarat, you can make a deposit and play for real money immediately after registering. However, if you prefer, you can also gain your first experience in demo mode. This way you don't lose any money, but still get to know the real gameplay.  


Online Baccarat vs. visiting the casino - These are the differences 

The glittering, dazzling world of casinos can unfortunately not be depicted exactly the same way in online casinos. The atmosphere will always remain something special. On the other hand, playing Baccarat online offers various advantages: Quite simply from home, without queuing, without waiting. Since the new law, casinos in Switzerland are also allowed to offer an online casino and to offer these advantages to their fans and visitors.  

At 7 Melons we offer you the chance to get to know and try out various card games. Unlike poker, for example, baccarat is easy to learn and understand. Other games you can enjoy at 7 Melons include blackjack, roulette and - as just mentioned - poker. By the way, this is another advantage of online casinos: As a rule, the game selection (or the selection from individual game types and variants) is much more extensive than in a casino open to the public.  


Baccarat Rules - How to play!

The rules of Baccarat are the same whether you play online or in a casino. The game is played with six packs of 52 cards each (hand = playing cards). This means that a total of 312 cards are in play. There are special playing cards for Baccarat, which have neutral backs (usually light pink and light blue in casinos).  

In baccarat, you win if you get to a value of nine with two or three cards or get closer to nine points than your opponents. In online baccarat, your opponents are programmed, fictitious opponents.  

A speciality of baccarat is the different card values. While most cards have the usual value, tens, jacks, queens and kings have no value or a value of zero. Aces, on the other hand, have a value of one.  


This is how the game is played in Baccarat 

  1. First, you and all the other players place your bets on the bench or a player. You bet on which party will win or whether there will be a draw. The goal remains the same for everyone: to get as close as possible to the number nine. 
  2. Then the croupier deals four cards. Two of the cards are placed in the "player" box, the remaining two in the banker's box.  
  3. Next, the dealer evaluates the hands - taking into account the applicable baccarat rules. Additional cards dealt also count here.  
  4. The winner - i.e. the party who has 9 or is closer to 9 - is chosen by the dealer.  

 If you have ever played baccarat, you know how easy it is to understand the rules and the process. Playing online makes it even easier, because the pressure is off and you can take your time in your familiar surroundings.  


Sign up now at 7 Melons and play online Baccarat!

Welcome to 7 Melons - We are pleased to welcome you to our online casino! Try your luck at the card game Baccarat - However, please familiarise yourself with the rules described above beforehand.  

Try out different strategies and tactics in demo mode and observe how your chances of winning change and, above all, how they increase. Despite everything, baccarat is and remains a game of chance. The course of the game is largely dependent on the randomly distributed cards. There is no guarantee of winning with any of the different strategies.  

Register now at 7 Melons online casino, play and win. Test your newfound knowledge of the card game Baccarat. Also take a look at our bonus programme & promotions. We wish you lots of fun, good entertainment and a win or two at Baccarat!