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Live Casino - Live dealers and real casino atmosphere 

Want to actually experience casino vibes? Want to feel the thrill? Try your luck? And all that without leaving the comfort of your home? Not a problem! Welcome to the 7Melons.ch online live casino.  

If you think online slots lack the personal touch, but you’d still like to put all your eggs in one basket, then our online live casino is for you. We offer a large selection of games happening live and run by live dealers. Join live blackjack or live baccarat now! 

Your live experience with real live dealers

In Switzerland and globally, live casino games are absolute favorites. And no wonder—thanks to state-of-the-art technology, games take place in real time. You get that casino feeling from head to toe! Opposite you sits a dealer who shuffles and deals the cards or spins the roulette wheel. Thanks to the combination of old-school fun and today’s technology, you can enjoy lots of games in real time: live blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette, and various live poker variants. 

The best thing about them? You can play them live and from the comfort of your own home. There’s no pressure to get dressed, leave the house, and drive to a casino. All you need to do is enter the online live casino lobby and select your game, and you can already get started with our friendly dealers. Important: In order for your game to run smoothly, you need a reliable and secure Internet connection. Make sure your connection is both of these things and offers a data transfer rate of around 750 Kbps.

The most secure technology for unadulterated playing pleasure

So that live games can be transmitted without a hitch, they require the most advanced cameras and technology. These allow for seamless transmission and a smooth course of the game. Players can sit down in front of their computer, relax, and get started right away. Thanks to continuous reviews, the games and the live dealers themselves are completely fair and secure.

Online casino or live: What’s the difference?

While online games are started, played, and ended individually, live games take place in real time. This means that classics like live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are transmitted directly from a studio. Apart from this, there is a real live dealer on site. The main difference between online and live games is time: most online casino games, such as roulette or blackjack, are played without time limits. You can take as much time as you like to make your next move. With live casinos, however, many players take part in real time. For this reason, there’s a countdown that shows you how much time you’ve got left to place your bets. Afterwards, the live dealer continues the game. From this point, it will no longer be possible to place bets in blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. This time pressure means that players need to be pretty sure about their strategies. Beginners are therefore advised to test out their strategies beforehand. After that, increase the thrill by going live. Another obvious difference is that there’s no demo mode in the live version. Since they involve quite a lot of technical complexity and costs, players need to start out with real-money bets right away.

What’s the difference between live casino games and an online casino? 

7Melons.ch delivers the casino atmosphere right to your door. But the atmosphere isn’t the only difference. Live games in online casinos offer many advantages compared to games available in publicly accessible casinos. Games in conventional casinos often use up physical space so that players feel comfortable. Live games in online casinos only require a table with the necessary technology and a live dealer, and therefore offer unlimited playing pleasure for countless players. Whether roulette, baccarat, or live blackjack, all players will get their money’s worth, even from the comfort of their own home.  

Given that no physical space is required, a multitude of games with live dealers is available. These are regularly reviewed, so you can rest assured that your live dealer is and stays impartial and fair. This means there’s something for everyone. Our Swiss live casino also offers exotic games such as wheel of fortune and live shows which are rarely offered in publicly accessible casinos. So, stay home and enjoy a real casino atmosphere as well as all the advantages of our Swiss live casino offering with various dealer games. Did you know? Bets in these dealer games can also be paid via e-wallet systems.

Live casino: All the advantages at a glance  

Missing the casino atmosphere at home? Don’t want to go to an actual casino each time? Rather play from the comfort of your own home? We get that. Our live games were designed with people like you in mind. The typical casino atmosphere can be perfectly replicated for players who already have experience in online casinos. If you’re looking for a new challenge, have a look at the live games at 7Melons.ch. Fast bets, real live dealers, dealer games, and a huge number of fellow players await!


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. This is not different in the online casinos in Switzerland. If you look around the live casino games, you will see many live roulette games in many different variations. These may be different rules, but it may also be that the only difference are the betting limits. Different rules apply to European and American Live Roulette, for example. In the online casino you will also find Live and Online Roulette variants, which you normally do not find in land based casinos in Switzerland.


Blackjack also has different variations, which are differentiated by different rules. These different versions can also be found in the Live Blackjack variations in the online casino. So before you start playing, make sure you are familiar with the rules of each Live Blackjack version. More information about the Blackjack rules. Furthermore, like roulette, live blackjack games differ in their betting limits, so you're sure to find a game to suit your budget.


Baccarat games are often played in casinos and therefore belong in a good casino. Live Baccarat games are very popular because they are relatively easy to learn. Live Baccarat can also have different variations and betting limits. Find out about the rules and limits in advance so that you can enjoy your game to the full. If you are well informed about the Baccarat rules, you can make the best decision in Live Baccarat in every aspect and will certainly find a game that suits your betting level


In the online casino you will often find different live poker variants. The main difference to conventional poker is that in live poker you do not play against several opponents, but only against a croupier. These versions of the game, especially for poker beginners are advantageous, as these are often simplified. Newcomers to poker can first familiarize themselves in a live poker game with the rules of the game and learn them through play. This way you will be optimally prepared for your first poker tournament.


At Live Casino you will also find many live games that do not fall into any of the above categories. Very popular are live wheels of fortune, which work just as you already know. You place your bet on a particular color and when the wheel stops on that color, you get your money back in multiples. These games are easy to understand and therefore well suited for casino beginners. The colored wheel of fortune will always put you in a good mood, whether you are a beginner or an advanced casino visitor!


One game that you will look in vain in the live casino is the slot machines. These games do not belong to the category of live games, as they are not operated by a croupier. Slots are also automated in a terrestrial casino and are therefore already very similar online and offline. It would therefore offer no added value for the player to offer slots as live games.

Payouts in online live casinos

The same policy for 7 Melons’ other games also applies to the online live casino. Simply register or sign in and submit the requested data. You’ll receive your win right after the winning game round. The same applies to losses. 7 Melons also offers an e-wallet system. Find out more information on www.7melons.ch.

Live dealers and a large range of games 

From live blackjack and live poker all the way to roulette and wheels of fortune, the number of games offered at the 7 Melons live casino is virtually unlimited. Real live dealers welcome you to your game, with nothing standing in the way of thrilling gameplay!

Playing live: Roulette variants 

In casinos worldwide, there’s one classic that’s always been a favorite: roulette. It goes without saying that this is no different in the Swiss 7 Melons live casino. At 7Melons.ch, you can play different live roulette game variants, with different betting limits. Depending on the variant, there may be different rules, for example between European and American roulette. Our live casino offers you access to live and online roulette variants that you can’t find in any other Swiss casino. 

Live blackjack variants

In terms of blackjack, the 7 Melons live casino offers a wide variety—because blackjack isn’t just blackjack. So, it’s all the more important that you review the respective rules before starting to play any blackjack game. Here you can find all the information about blackjack rules. Another difference between blackjack variants is the betting limits (the same as roulette). So, to avoid disappointment, choose the game based on your budget.

Playing live: Baccarat variants

What would our live casino be without one of the most-played casino classics, baccarat? Among other things, live baccarat games are so popular among players because they’re super-easy to understand! Make sure you understand the rules and limits of this game beforehand. After a bit of research and with some experience, you’ll soon reach a point where you’ll be able to make the best decisions live when playing baccarat. This way, you can enter a game with your betting level right away and have a blast. 

Playing live: Poker variants

Interested in poker tournaments? Want to show off your poker face to a big round of players? Then live poker variants at our online live casino are the ideal starting point. In live poker games, you don’t have to get ahead of multiple opponents—you’re only playing against the dealer. Especially for poker newbies, this tends to be the perfect training ground as live poker games are often simplified. So, learn the rules while playing, before scoring big in a real poker tournament. 

Live card games

Card games are in a league of their own. Given their extensive history, card games are some of the most popular types of games. The first card games date back to 12th century China—proof that people have been enjoying them for centuries. Alongside board games, they’re classified as parlor games. They’re also popular in casinos! That’s why we couldn’t leave them out at 7 Melons live casino. In our live card games category you can find Red Dog, Casino Hold’em, Baccarat, and DragonTiger, among other games. Casino Hold’em is a modified version of the famous Texas Hold’em. Here, you’re not competing against other players, but the house. The newest addition to our live card games is Red Dog. Do you have a knack for it?

Live wheel of fortune and other live games 

The range offered at our live casino goes well beyond the games mentioned above, and not all of them can neatly fit into one category. For example, live wheels of fortune are perfect for newbies and pros alike. Their functionality is pretty straightforward and easy to understand: bet on a certain color, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a multiple of your wager in return. This isn’t just exciting: the colorful wheels of fortune are also fun and cheery! 

Are there live slot machines?

There are no live slots at our live casino. The machines are already accessible in public casinos without a dealer. An additional person wouldn’t add any value. That’s why their old-school functionality was also directly used in the online version. As a result, slot machines don’t count as live games. You can, however, play them on 7 Melons by clicking on the "Slots” category or by entering the slot game’s name in the search bar on the right. In the "Slots” category, you can regularly find new slots. You can also see the sub-categories "Top slots,” "Megaway slots,” "Hold and win slots,” and "All slots” for a detailed overview.

Conclusion: Live games in Switzerland

With live casinos, you can bring a wide range of games, fun, and the casino atmosphere home with you. Real dealers guarantee incomparable thrills in countless games. It’s clear that live casino offerings are considered some of the most popular casino games worldwide. However, they aren’t only authentic but also suitable for anyone. For example, live roulette and live blackjack can be played without a lot of explanation and training.  


Can I play live poker online as well?

Yes, you can! At 7 Melons, you can find the games Casino Hold’em and Ultimate Texas Hold’em in the "Live casino” category under the sub-category Live card games. The first variant is a slightly amended version of the popular Texas Hold’em. If you don’t want to play live, you can find various poker games in the "Poker” category.

Where can I play live online casino games?

In Switzerland, the management of online casinos and their live online casinos is strictly regulated. Here at the 7 Melons online casino, you can also play live games. To do this, just click on "Live games” in the menu and find your perfect game.

What games are available in an online live casino?

You can basically find all the games played in real life in an online live casino as well. 7 Melons offers various live card games, live baccarat, live blackjack, live roulette and game shows, as well as dice games.

What live games are the most popular?

There’s actually been a trend where not only classics like roulette and poker are commonly played live. Live game shows like Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly Live, and Dream Catcher have become fan favorites as well. At 7 Melons, players can try games out and get their full money’s worth.

Can I always play?

At 7 Melons casino, players can play live games whenever they please. Our dealers are therefore available 24/7. The only things you need are good instincts, a desire to have fun, and a touch of luck.

Who should I contact if something goes wrong?

A poor Internet connection, early game termination, and laggy video are common reasons why a live game doesn’t work. In these cases, please reach out to us immediately. Players can do so via the contact form or chat feature.