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Black Jack - The Evergreen in Online Casinos

One of the world's best-known and most popular card games is still Black Jack. Of course, this game of chance is also very popular at 7Melons.ch. The rules are simple, the mechanism easy to understand - whether you are a professional or a beginner, with Black Jack you are quickly in the middle of the game and have great chances of beating the croupier and collecting the winnings. It doesn't matter whether you visit a casino or are our customer in the Swiss online casino.

But first, back to the simple rules: Your goal is to get a higher score than the croupier without exceeding the sum of 21. Let the card combination speak for you and win against the bank. By the way: In the online version of Black Jack, you can play several hands per game against the bank.

How is Black Jack played?

You have never played Black Jack before? Then we have two arguments why you should start now at 7Melons.ch: Firstly, you can start right now in demo mode. In this version, the game is free and you have time to get to grips with it and learn. Completely free of charge. Then, in a second step, you can start the actual game, place bets and win real money in the process. First learn, then win. Try your luck now! 

Before the hunt for the perfect card combination begins, you place your bets on the fields. The corresponding limits indicate your bet. As soon as you have finally decided on your bet, you ask the croupier for cards until you think you are as close as possible to 21. And here is the crux of this game of chance: Now you have the option to ask for another card (and get even closer to 21) or to forego another card. This leaves you with the current card total. Here you still have the possibility to double your bet. The main thing is that you do not exceed the value of 21 afterwards.  

Black Jack - The Basic Rules

1 dealer, up to 7 players and a maximum of 21 for the card total; there is not much more to Blackjack. At the start of the game, each participant receives two cards. After that, the dealer always deals out more cards from left to right. The number cards are self-explanatory, while all face cards are valued at 10. The card total per participant results from the respective number and picture values of the cards received. 

The aces are an exception. Depending on how they are dealt, they can have the value 11 or the value 1. If an ace is dealt together with a 9, for example, the value of the ace is 11. If, on the other hand, it is dealt with a 3, the value is only 1. This must be taken into account during the game.  

By the way, the name "Black Jack" comes from the ideal combination of cards that a player could hold. One speaks of a blackjack when one receives an ace and a 10 or an ace and a picture. Then the player lands directly on 21 and thus has Black Jack.  

However, this is rarely the case - it is and remains a game of chance. If, for example, the player is at a value of 17, then "buys" another card and ends up above 21, he has "overbought" (in English this is called a "bust"). In this case, the player has lost. To win, it is not necessary to reach 21. It is enough if the player is higher than the dealer but still under 21. 

Blackjack - stakes and winnings 

This card game beckons with lucrative winnings per bet: In blackjack, the odds in the event of a win are usually one to one. This means that for a stake of CHF 20, a player receives a payout of CHF 40. If the player has the perfect cards - i.e. a "Black Jack" - the odds look even better, namely 3:2. In this case, the player would thus receive a profit of CHF 50 for a stake of CHF 20. However, this only applies if the dealer is not also allowed to have an ace or a picture card (or a 10) with the first open card. If he also had a Black Jack, the round would end as a draw and no winnings would be paid (but the stake).  

The casino game blackjack is played with different table limits. So familiarise yourself in advance with the minimum and maximum bets at your table.

How does a game of blackjack go? 

You now know the basic rules, so let's get on with it - This is how a game of Black Jack goes: At the beginning, all players at the table make their bets. It should be mentioned again that there are different table limits depending on the version. After this preparation, the game really starts. The dealer distributes the cards to the players from right to left (from the dealer's point of view from left to right). Each player receives two cards at the beginning. The dealer also receives two cards. While the players' cards are dealt face up, the dealer's second card remains face down. Provided the dealer's first, face-up card is an ace, the players can insure themselves against a blackjack by the dealer. This "insurance" costs half of the original bet. If a player has insured himself and the dealer actually has a blackjack, the insurance protects him from losing the money. In other words, he does not win anything, but he does not lose either. The players who have waived the insurance lose their entire stake. Insurance is often played as a side bet and not just as pure insurance. Those players who also have a blackjack are tied with the dealer. 

In the next step, all players have two options: Either they buy another card, which is called a "hit", or they do without more cards, which is called a "stand". How many additional cards are bought is up to each player - as long as they do not exceed 21. If this happens, it is called a "bust" and the entire stake is lost. In this card game, there are one or two strategies to increase the chances of winning. Basically, players are advised to buy more cards only if the current total is below 16. Everything between 16 and 21 is better left as it is. If the current value is very low - professionals speak here of 11 or lower - the purchase of at least one more card is absolutely recommended.  

The dealer now deals cards until each player has decided not to buy another card, i.e. has reached the "stand". Now the time has come and the dealer reveals his second card. Now it is decided how the game will end: If he has a lower card total than 17, he must now buy more cards until at least 17 has been reached. If his total exceeds 21, he may not buy any more cards and the card totals are compared. Players who have a higher total than the dealer (but below 21) are paid out. All players who are below the dealer lose their bets. If there is a tie in terms of points, the respective player receives his bet back. If the dealer himself gets above 21, all players are on the winning side and are paid out.  

Play Blackjack at 7Melons.ch now - for free or for real money.

First learn the game and its rules, then win great prizes! With 7Melons.ch, interested players can do both. Are you also a strategist who wants to take your luck into your own hands? Then go for it! Blackjack is not one of the most popular casino games in Switzerland for nothing.  

Of course, a visit to the casino brings with it a lot of fun, ambience and excitement. However, you can also challenge your luck at home within your own four walls. Full concentration on the game, with the winnings in sight. Without distractions, without travelling and without annoying waiting at the tables and machines. Thanks to Swiss online casinos, this is exactly what is offered, around the clock and accessible from anywhere.  

To hit the jackpots at 7Melons.ch, all you need is luck and the right strategy and a stable internet connection. No matter whether you visit us via Chrome, Safari or Opera. With just a few clicks via Windows, iOS, Android or Blackberry, you can access the most exciting casino games in Switzerland. The average win rate is 96% - so everyone gets their money's worth at 7Melons.ch! 

High Limit Gambler or Lowroller? Play Black Jack online now! 

Even without a table and a real dealer, online blackjack is full of fun and charm! State-of-the-art software ensures that the card game is also realistic and authentic in digital form. No matter whether you participate via mobile phone or tablet. Just like in real life, you place your bets on the virtual playing surface via touchscreen and then you're ready to go! Simply decide whether you want to draw more cards or split your hand. 

And for all those who can't do without the real dealer and the casino atmosphere: At 7Melons.ch, Black Jack is also offered in the Live Casino

The higher the stake, the bigger the winnings! At least that's how the high limit gamblers or high rollers among us see it. However, blackjack is also fun if you play with a smaller budget and constantly improve your strategy and build up your experience - i.e. as a low roller. The important thing is to set your personal limit and thus enjoy the game in the long term.  

Try Blackjack - for free or for real money at 7Melons.ch 

Flexible, fast and accessible from anywhere. Thanks to these advantages, online casino games are extremely popular. Besides blackjack, slot machines and roulette tables are also available around the clock. Simply log in, learn and test. Completely free of charge and without risk. Understandably, newcomers also want to build up some confidence first.  

At 7Melons.ch, we support new clients just as much as we do the old ones. With us, there are no constraints and commitment obligations. You decide as soon as you are sure whether and how much you want to bet. Either way, we wish you good entertainment!

Online Blackjack at 7Melons.ch - Safe, reputable and transparent 

Even new players learn blackjack very quickly and increase their chances of winning within a very short time. The right strategies for higher winning amounts can be grasped quickly, as blackjack is one of the most transparent games in the casino. The procedure is always the same and experienced players can use the dealer's approach to their advantage. First play a few practice rounds, then you will know the rules, functions and betting options.  

By the way: Even if you play blackjack online and thus start without a dealer or croupier, the chances of winning are exactly the same as in the casino. The mechanics of the game remain the same. However, in the online casino you have a much wider range of tables and table limits. Simply choose your favourite. Security is also guaranteed: Our casino games are regularly checked and certified by independent experts. In addition, as a provider, we work together with the Gaming Commission to ensure that our games meet all the necessary points in the areas of fairness, security and respectability.  

Welcome to 7Melons.ch - We look forward to welcoming you as our guest!