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At 7 Melons, we focus on providing a positive and fun gaming experience. Responsible gaming is especially close to our heart: "We care". This is another reason why we encourage our customers to check out the various tools available at 7 Melons and to read more in-depth information about the topic on this page.

1 What is gambling addiction?

One speaks of gambling addiction when the gambling behavior can no longer be controlled by the affected person himself. Gambling becomes an all-consuming urge, the center of life. Thoughts constantly revolve around gambling: the next opportunity to gamble, the next possible (big) win, raising money for further gambling, covering up the losses suffered, etc. are the main focus.

A gambling addiction does not develop overnight. Rather, the addictive behavior develops in a process, similar to the development with psychoactive substances (alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs). This process typically includes the following phases:

1.1 The adventure or winning phase

In this phase, gamblers often win larger amounts of money. This experience can lead to the illusion that the winnings do not come from pure luck, but under the influence of one's own actions. Inevitably occurring losses are seen as the result of explainable, external causes and are usually glossed over. It becomes questionable when gamblers continuously spend a lot of money or even take out loans in order to be able to continue gambling. All loans have only one purpose: to be able to continue or resume gambling.

1.2 The Loss Phase

In a next step, gamblers may use borrowed money exclusively. These loans are concealed as much as possible. In general, this stage marks the beginning of a creeping distancing from family and friends. A dangerous path to isolation begins. However, the gamblers are still convinced that they can get their debt situation under control again. "As soon as I'm out of debt, I'll stop gambling," is a typical statement at this point.

1.3 The desperation phase

Eventually, gambling becomes an all-day occupation and the all-dominant purpose of life. The loss of relationships, work and recognition is the result. The borderline from problematic to addictive gambling is therefore fluid. It should be noted that not every phase necessarily leads to the next stage.

As a rule, early signals can be detected in those affected that may be signs of a future gambling addiction. Our self-assessment test is a tool to help you recognize any warning signs yourself.

2 Self-assessment

A good start to responsible gambling is to complete our self-assessment test. You can either use it anonymously or save it in your player account to refer back to later.  

Feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to discuss the results. We care!

3 Tools for self-control and self-protection

7 Melons offers you various tools to help you gamble responsibly. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about our tools.

3.1 Game limit

When you register, we ask you to specify a personal loss limit. By doing so, you limit the maximum loss during the selected time period. Limits can be easily edited at 7 Melons in the player account. If you decrease a limit or add a new limit, the change is immediate. If a limit is increased or removed, the change will take effect only after 24 hours.

3.2 Loss limit

The loss limit allows you to set the limit for possible losses for daily, weekly and monthly periods in advance. When the loss limit set by you is reached, no more bets can be placed for the set period.

3.3 Bet limit

With a betting limit you can play for exactly this amount, no matter if you win or lose. Once your limit is reached, no more games can be played on 7 Melons until the end of the defined period.

3.4 Game History

In the player account under Game History you have access at any time to the previous deposits, withdrawals, stakes, winnings, losses and net result for a freely definable period. This allows you to keep track of your previous activities.

3.5 Pause game

You have the option to take a break from playing at any time in your player account. You can define a time period between 1 day and 6 months for the gaming break and select whether this should apply to all offers on 7 Melons or only to certain game categories (e.g. slots). During this time you will not be able to place any bets in the selected game categories. Taking a break from playing allows you to focus more on other and more important areas of life.

3.6 Callback

In your player account you have the possibility to initialize a callback. Our trained staff will contact you to discuss, for example, your gaming behavior or our tools. In urgent cases, we ask you to contact the Dargebotene Hand (24-hour information 365 days a year) directly via the toll-free number 143.

4 Useful tips

Play can provide people with pleasure, excitement and relaxation. The following tips should help maintain this:

Take advantage of the bet and loss limits at 7 Melons. Before starting to play, set a loss limit, that is, ask yourself what is the maximum amount you are willing or able to lose. This amount should be in proportion to your income.

Gamble only when you are doing well.

Don't chase money losses.

Don't take higher risks to make up for previous losses.

Avoid alcohol while you are gambling. Alcohol increases risk taking and clouds your judgment.

Never believe that you can outsmart the gambling system. Gambling depends only on chance and not on skill.

As a family member, relative or friend, you can always contact a casino in person, by phone or in writing and bring to their attention a change in a person's behavior or financial situation related to gambling. Contact us and we will discuss the situation and work together to find a solution.

5 Gambling ban

If you wish to be voluntarily blocked, you can do so in your player account under "Responsible Gaming" or also directly via customer service [email protected].

Casinos are required by law to issue a gambling ban if there is a suspicion that the person in question is overindebted, is not meeting his or her financial obligations or is risking gambling stakes that are disproportionate to his or her income and assets.

The gambling ban applies throughout Switzerland to all licensed casino games in casinos and on the Internet, as well as to lotteries, sports betting and games of skill conducted online and to large-scale games determined by the intercantonal authority. This means that the gaming ban also applies, for example, to participation in the Swiss Numbers Lotto via the Internet and other games offered by Swisslos and Loterie Romande. The gambling ban is entered in a nationwide register. Access rights to this register are regulated by law.

The gambling ban may be lifted at the request of the banned person, provided that the reason for it no longer exists. The application must be submitted to the casino or lottery company that imposed the ban. To do this, send us the application form for the lifting of a gambling ban. A cantonally recognized specialist agency must be involved in the lifting procedure. In the event of a negative decision by the casino or if the person concerned refuses to cooperate, the person concerned will remain barred from gambling until further notice. A self-requested gambling ban pursuant to Art. 80 Para. 5 BGS can be lifted after three months at the earliest pursuant to Art. 84 VGS.

You can find further information about the gambling ban in this leaflet.

6 Contacts and offers of help

We work together with the counseling center "Berner Gesundheit". They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the social concept. You can reach our team at [email protected].

The Grand Casino Bern can be reached at 031 539 17 71. The person responsible for social protection measures at 7 Melons is Z. Halilovic.


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