ELK Compete FAQ

What is ELK Compete?

ELK Compete is a new way to experience ELK Studios slot games. It’s a multiplayer tournament where players are faced with achievements to complete to score points and place on a leaderboard with a chance to win additional prizes on top of game wins.

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How does it work?

Different tournaments have different achievements and the specific objectives are presented when opening the game. Achievements can range from collecting coin wins, getting the biggest coin win, collecting symbols and triggering features in the game. Each achievement rewards points towards a leaderboard, where players are competing for additional prizes from the prize pool.

How to participate?

Participating in a tournament is easy. When opening a game from ELK with an active tournament you are greeted by a pop-up revealing the tournament information.


Here you will see when the tournament starts (if it’s in the future) or when it ends (if it has already started). 


You are also given a randomized nickname, which you can change if you are not happy with the one given to you. However, you cannot choose your own nickname in these tournaments.


If you want to participate, simply click "OK” in the pop-up, or if you don’t want to participate you just simply select the "I don’t want to participate” option.


If you do not want to participate in the tournament, you can still play the game as normal.


If you do participate in the tournament, you enter the game with the tournament overlay. In the overlay, you can see how many spins you have played out of the total spins that will count towards the leaderboard (the progression bar), you can check the standing of the leaderboard, look at the prize table, read up on the achievements and see how you are progressing in the tournament. As other players are playing the game in the tournament mode, you will also see animations as they are reaching milestones and collecting points.


If you would like to de-activate these animations, just click on the arrow next to the progression bar and they will be silenced until you expand the progression bar again.





Does the tournament have an impact on normal game play?

If you participate in a tournament, you are still playing the game as normal. This means, the bets you place to complete achievements are deducted from your wallet and all in-game wins you get along the way are yours to keep. The tournament is just added on top, and the prize pool in a tournament are extra winnings on top of your regular winnings.

Do I have to bet a specific amount to participate in a tournament?

Every tournament has a minimum qualifying bet amount that needs to be met in order to qualify to be awarded points on the leaderboard. If the minimum bet in a tournament is CHF 0.50, this means that all bets below this will not count in the tournament, but you will still be credited any win you might have in the game itself. If the minimum bet in a tournament is CHF 0.20, all bets placed will count towards the leaderboard.


N.B 1! Except making sure your bet is within the qualifying range, it does not matter if you bet the lowest bet or a higher bet in terms of collecting points towards to leaderboard, as points in ELK tournaments are not based on bet amount but rather coin wins and collecting symbols and/or triggering features. Your bet size only affects your own wallet and in-game winnings.


Tournaments also have a specified number of bets that will limit players to how many spins they play that will count towards the leaderboard. You don’t have to finish all these spins to get on the leaderboard, as soon as you have scored points you are automatically in the running for winning extra prizes.


N.B 2! If you participate in a tournament, the first spin you make and onwards (until you meet the maximum amount of spins set for the specific tournament) will count towards the leaderboard. When you have played the maximum number of spins, you can still enjoy the game but will do so without collecting any more points for the leaderboard.

What happens with my winnings in the game within the tournament?

The tournament does not affect the normal game play, so any winnings you have in the game itself while playing a tournament will be credited to your account as per usual.

I did win a prize in the tournament, how will I get this?

Congratulations on placing on the leaderboard! Your winnings will be paid out within 24 hours to your account.

Can I see the leaderboard after I have played all of my qualifying spins in a tournament?

Yes, as long as the tournament is active, just open the game and the tournament overlay (with all the information and the leaderboard) will be visible to you.